Meet Jen.

Believer ~ Photographer ~ Mentor

A wife, mother of two boys and business owner. A photographer, one inspired by all things natural.

As a business owner of now 18 years I have designed a life I love and I am so grateful for it every day. I am living in alignment with my highest values; connection, creativity and adventure. I am doing exactly what I was set out to do in this life and it excites me everyday,

“Surround yourself with the things you love... We all deserve greatness and you my darling are worth it...”

I am so passionate about inspiring the youth, that I am now offering One on One Inspirational Intensives, Retreat Days and 6-12 Mentorships for young ladies aged between 12years and 17years. The feedback has blown my mind and I can not wait to work with more girls!

“Keep shining that light bright"

Jen x

Jennifer Borg

Teen Girls Mentoring Options:


One to One Intensive Sessions


Retreat Days 12-14 yrs and 15-17yrs Girls. Limited to 8 per Retreat Day


6-12 Month Mentorships. Limited Availability..

"She designed a life she loved"
60 min session one to one inspirational connection, mastering skills to create before you consume.
16 Quality questions for the making of your personal
Digital and Printed Vision Board. Access to Jen via message/voice message to work through questions that may arise before your next session. You will take away some beautiful tools that Jennifer uses daily in her own life. 40 min Follow Up session the following week.

Vision Board

What the Mother's are saying...

"##### was so very nervous prior to starting today, there was a lot of encouraging to get her out of her comfort zone and the most incredible thing happened and as mum I felt I had one of those mum win moments as she loved it so much I am so grateful, there has been a huge shift in her mindset already.   Thank You from the bottom of my heart Jennifer . Keep shining the light!" 

“Whatever you and ##### went through today has struck a chord with her. You have given her motivation, and hope. She loved the mentoring session and is looking forward to many more. She is hyped. Thank You!!!"

“Oh thank you so much. The time ###### spent with you is all she has spoken about. You will do amazing things and will inspire so many young girls. I do not know anyone else who has this type of opportunity to give teenage girls at the most vulnerable time of their lives so Thank You Jen! "


"She Designed A Life She Loved"

A personal vision scripted journal written by you with the help of Jen. A manifestation magical book of you.

“So valuable and empowering, every teenage girl needs to hear it! Jen has taught me such powerful messages which has opened my view to a world of endless possibilities. It has inspired me to dream big because I truly can create a life I love”

She designed a life she loved


She designed a life she loved

6-12 Months of inspirational connection, mastering the skills (create before you consume), universal laws, diving deep into self discovery and dreaming bigger than ever with a personal vision design along with vision scripting. Fortnightly one on one video calls. Access to Jen via message/voice message to work through questions that may arise before your next session. You will take away the tools and book that Jennifer created and uses daily in her own life. Yes! You will take home your own copy of "She Designed A Life She Loved" A vision scripted book made personally for you, with you.

Calming Collective

What the girls are saying...

“Thank you so much Jen, today really inspired me on another level"

" I loved every single bit of today..."

"Thank you for all the effort you have put into this it was so amazing!"

"Looking at all the photos and quotes was inspiring and eye opening..."

"Thats amazing you have captured each and everyone of my dreams"

"I loved every single bit of today and it really showed how much effort was put into the session"

Let's create mindset magic.

Working with children for over 18 years now and have been living a positive mindset from a Teenager myself, I have always dreamt of inspiring other girls to do the same, and here we are today. So excited to create mindset magic with your young ladies your life!

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